Cardboard boxes or trays with foil

After they have been filled and labelled, your bottles, jars or jerry cans still have to be packaged. You can trust Seamco for high-quality packaging machines to put your bottles in cardboard boxes or trays with foil. We also include palletizing machines into our offer.  


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Why should I choose Seamco?

  • Dedicated after sales team
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  • Single point of supply
  • Integrated solutions
  • Preferred suppliers
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Packaging machines

Range of packaging machines

You can package your end product in several ways, making our range of packaging machines very diverse:

  • cardboard erectors from TMG
  • cardboard loaders from TMG
  • box sealers from TMG
  • wrap-around machines from Dimac
  • shrink wrap machines with pads and foil or trays and foil from Dimac
  • handle applicators for shrink packs from Twinpack
  • tray erectors from Twinpack
  • bundling machines from Twinpack
  • palletizers from TMG

Choose the best and cheapest way

Do you want to know more about our range of packaging machines or would you like more information about the possibilities for your company? Don’t hesitate to contact us. Our technicians like to think along with you and always offer the best and cheapest solution.


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