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Before you can fill, label and package your bottles, jars, jerry cans or other packaging material, you have to put them on the conveyor belt first. That is why you need handling lines. Seamco supplies, installs and maintains a varied range of machines:

  • depalletizers from TMG
  • rotating bottle erectors/unscramblers from Ronchi
  • linear bottle erectors from Pace
  • orientation machines from Ronchi
  • setup tables from Sneyders

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Handling lines

2 kinds of bottle erectors

Glass bottles, HDPE bottles, PET bottles, jars, cans or jerry cans that have to be filled are normally delivered on a pallet, sorted per layer. That way the layers can be taken off separately with a palletizer. Bottles in bulk are sorted and placed on the conveyor belt one by one by the bottle erector. We offer 2 kinds of bottle erectors: rotating handling machines with different format parts and linear handling machines that have practically no format parts so they are more flexible.

Custom bottling lines

Our varied range of handling machines also consists of a custom-made machine. As specialists we think along with your company and we offer the right solution for your application. Our engineers take into account your complete line and proactively look for faster, more efficient and cheaper methods.

An example? If the position of a label has to be adjusted to a handle we try to avoid installing an extra orientation machine. Instead, we advise to regulate the orientation via the labelling machine. Do keep in mind that, in order to do this, you’ll have to position the labelling machine before the filler, not after it. With this tip you can save from 30.000 up to 80.000 euros.

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Are you looking for handling machines to put your glasses, bottles, jars, cans or jerry cans on the conveyor belt in the most (cost) efficient way? Trust Seamco’s expertise. You can always contact us for more information or for an offer.


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