Personal health care industry

Liquid soaps, shampoos, conditioners, lotions, skin care products, etc. are packaged in a multitude of different ways. Bottles, pumps, sprays, flip-top caps, shaped bottles, asymmetrical caps.

Seamco has the experience needed and the appropriate equipment for these applications. From bottle orientors, fillers, cappers, labelling machines to packaging machines and palletizers.

At Seamco we can help you find the best packaging solution for your product, your packaging, your desired capacity, your way of cleaning, the number of size changeovers... Our advice comes first, before any price quote.

From the conveyor belt into the box

Besides individual filling and packaging machines for the food & beverage industry, we also supply entire production lines for your business. This is achieved by working with a number of regular suppliers specialized in 1 part of the bottling line for over 20 years. From positioning on the conveyor belt to the packaging of your finished product

Our technicians and engineers have experience in the installation of both separate machines and entire lines. They know exactly what the requirements and pitfalls are in your industry.

Contact our staff today to discuss your projects.


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