Machines for closing liquid packaging

Our partner Sneyders is not only specialized in making filling machines, but also in cappers for liquid products. Whether for bottles, jars or jerricans, this experienced machine builder has the right machine for your production line.

Custom-built machines

Whatever caps you use, Sneyders will always have a machine that suits your product. Twist caps, pressure caps, corks or crown caps, etc. The Scaldis machine can close various of bottles, up to 3,000 per hour. The Scaldis C-XL is perfect for closing jerricans. For limited production runs, the Tigris is the appropriate machine. This is a very compact and easy to use capper. For semi-automatic closing, the Brenta features 3 settings and is the perfect capper.

Get advice from an expert

Do you need advice in choosing the right capper? Don’t hesitate to contact us. Our technicians are happy to help, even if you need a custom-built machine to fill your bottles, jars or jerricans.



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